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PROTON first Workshop

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The PROTON coordinators and the simulation WP leaders, meet in Rome at the National Research Council.

On 3rd and 4th April, the PROTON coordinators (USCS and HUJI) and the simulation work-package leaders (ISTC-CNR), will meet in Rome at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies of the National Research Council.

The meeting prepares the ground for the team to develop policy and science relevant models of organised crime and terrorist networks (OCTNs). It will allow the team to start forming a common foundation for the future approaches to the modelling of OCTNs, so that they can move quickly and efficiently when data from the empirical work packages arrive.

Download the workshop agenda.

List of participants:

Ernesto Savona – UCSC
Francesco Calderoni – UCSC
David Weisburd – HUJI
Badi Hasisi – HUJI
Daniela Di Cagno – LUISS
Giulia Andrighetto – ISTC-CNR
Aron Szekely – ISTC-CNR
Nicolas Payette – ISTC-CNR
Mario Paolucci – ISTC-CNR
Vito Trainni – ISTC-CNR
Luis Martinez – ISTC-CNR
Valerio Dolci – Università Tor Vergata, Rome

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