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PROTON project's public deliverables

PROTON Project brochure

pdf - 323.40 KB

Download the project’ddigital brochure and learn about PROTON impacts and main objectives.

D1.1 – Report on factors relating to OC

pdf - 10.29 MB

This report presents a systematic review of the social, psychological, and economic factors relating to criminalisation and recruitment to organised crime groups (OCGs). It encompasses different types of OCGs, namely mafias, drug trafficking organisations (DTOs), gangs, and a residual category including other criminal organisations.

D2.1 – Report on factors related to terrorism

pdf - 2.81 MB

This deliverable presents the findings and final reports of all tasks contained within WP2. It includes the first quantitative systematic reviews of the social, psychological and economic factors relating to terrorism and provides the results of the innovative studies of the individual risk factors associated to recruitment and radicalisation.

D3.1 – Report on OC and terrorism in Cyberspace

pdf - 7.45 MB

This deliverable presents the findings and reports for all task whithin WP3. Each of the six tasks conducted within this work package is presented within a separate section. The systematic review of cyber-related OC and terrorist activities, and technological means for their study forms the theoretical foundation of WP3’s overall goals. The qualitative-quantitative study gives an insight in the social media activities of lone-wolf terrorists and shows possible indicators of the move from radicalization of belief to radicalization of action.

D6.1 – Ethical and Societal Issues and Safeguards

pdf - 518.62 KB

This deliverable presents the main activities and preliminary findings of T6.1, on Ethical and Societal Issues and Safeguards. It performs a preliminary ethical and social impact assessment of both the output of WP 1, 2 and 3, and the risk factors for the recruitment in Organized Crime and Terrorism Networks (OCTNs), by pointing out the main risk factors that could be encountered in PROTON project deliverables. Deliverable D6.6 will update D6.1 and will explain how PROTON researchers have mitigated the risks identified.

D6.3 – ELAG’s mission statement and agenda

pdf - 483.52 KB

The Ethics and Legal Advisory Group (ELAG) is an independent body that advises the PROTON Steering Committee and the PROTON researchers on specific ethical, social and legal issues raised by the research conducted within the PROTON project.

D6.6 – Ethical and societal issues and safeguards

pdf - 537.25 KB

This report analyses the ethical and societal impacts of the risk factors identified by WP1 and WP2 and suggests mitigation strategies that should help the design of the Agent Based Models (ABMs) for Organized Crime and Terrorist Networks (OCTNs). It also analyses ethical and societal impact of Internet research activities carried out by WP3 and provides safeguards with regards to the use of ABM as a simulation tool.

D7.1 – Dissemination and Communication Plan 1

pdf - 598.76 KB

PROTON communication and dissemination strategy is about increasing the project visibility by raising awareness of its activities in the community of policy makers, public authorities and security scholars and professionals.

D7.2 – Project website

pdf - 1.72 MB

The deliverable aims at illustrating the planning, design and implementation of the project website for the PROTON project, showing all the intermediate steps that have led to the completion of the task.

D7.3 – Communication Toolkit

pdf - 4.16 MB

The main objective of the communication tools is to facilitate the recognisability of the PROTON brand and its establishment as a reliable and authoritative subject in the field of organised crime and terrorist networks research.

D7.4 – eNewsletter 1

pdf - 1.20 MB

The main aim of the PROTON project newsletters is the engagement of the stakeholders community through a periodic interaction with the project’s contents. The present document describes fully the approach and process adopted by in the planning, production, release and evaluation of the newsletters.

D7.11 – eNewsletter 2

pdf - 812.08 KB

D8.1 – Project Manual

pdf - 2.10 MB

Main aim of the Project manual is to provide a central reference point and source of information on the day-to-day running and management of PROTON, to provide guidance and tools to assist the task of planning, monitoring and controlling the progress and performance of the project. All the procedures outlined in this document are in accordance with the GA and the CA.

D8.2 – Kick Off Meeting

pdf - 29.33 MB

The present document contains all the documentation from the first meeting of the PROTON project and the presentation there given by partners.

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