Co-funded by the European Union

A collection of the audiovisual and graphic materials produced over the course of PROTON. The files give a clear and easy-to-understand overview of the project and its main achievements.

Project webinar

This webinar consists of presentations of PROTON-S and PROTON Wizard

Project final video

A short, easy-to-understand animation video illustrating PROTON and its main outcomes

Project manual

pdf - 338 KB

A brief introduction to agent-based models and their use in project PROTON.


pdf - 291 KB

A concise, non-technical collection of the main results of PROTON.


pdf - 260 KB

An easy-to-read brochure on the key aspects of PROTON.

Project presentation

pdf - 408 KB

A presentation providing an overview of the PROTON project, structure and objectives.

Logo and graphics

zip - 34 MB

Multiple versions of PROTON’s logo and the key graphic elements of the project’s visual identity.