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Welcome to the 6th PROTON Newsletter

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Unveiling the secrets of PROTON

The results of the EU-funded project PROTON are available: discover a new way to fight organised crime and terrorist networks through an innovative combination of computer and social sciences... Read more

PROTON, the floor is yours!

The final results of the EU-funded project PROTON have been presented in Ghent (Belgium) on the 18th of September 2019: a new era in the fight against crime and terrorism is about to start... Read more

Researchers simulate mafia and terrorism recruitment

Computational and social sciences help institutions prevent and fight the recruitment process of mafia and terrorist organisations. Researchers developed a new tool that will be made available to municipalities to ‘measure’ the future economic and social effects of their policies... Read more

New tools to prevent and fight organised crime and terrorism

The results of the European project PROTON have been presented in Palermo... Read more

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