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Throttling up crime: crawling social media to understand outlaw motorcycle gangs’ dynamics

Can social networks shed light on criminal organisations and their recruitment of new members? Dr. Rilling delves deep into the social media world and its criminal side

Welcome to the 3rd PROTON Newsletter

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Beyond the Godfather

A new study is revealing the profile of modern mafia and scientifically testing possible policies to fight it... Read more

2018 starts with new collaborations and synergies for PROTON

In early 2018 the PROTON project has joined different events and meetings, aimed at presenting its early results and at improving its relations with other projects and initiatives in the same area.... Read more

The second issue of the PROTON newsletter is here

Stay updated with the project and read our latest developments... Read more

Welcome to this first edition of the PROTON project newsletter!

This March 2017 edition of the newsletter will be followed by five others semi-annual issues.... Read more

Cyber attacks – Are smart cities safer or more vulnerable?

Does technology expose cities more to terrorist attacks? We asked urban technology expert Francis Pisani.... Read more

Adele Jones – children whose parents are in jail have rights too

A common policy across Europe would provide consistency in recognising both the condition and the rights of this vulnerable group of children.... Read more

Paul Lukowicz: crowd safety via sensing app

A smart phone app points people the way, assists event organisers in preventing emergency cases and turns its creators into technology entrepreneurs.... Read more

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