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Women and terror

PROTON’s member Professor Gary LaFree describes his investigation of the role of women in terrorism... Read more

When the remedy is worse than the disease

Dr. Justice Tankebe explains how certain counter-terrorism strategies may lead to radicalisation and argues for his findings to be taken into account in PROTON... Read more

When science challenges terrorism

New studies are developing innovative tools that mix social, psychological and economic factors to study the recruitment process of organised crime and terror groups. The balance between fundamental rights and security is at stake... Read more

Throttling up crime: crawling social media to understand outlaw motorcycle gangs’ dynamics

Can social networks shed light on criminal organisations and their recruitment of new members? Dr. Rilling delves deep into the social media world and its criminal side ... Read more

Welcome to the 3rd PROTON Newsletter

Stay updated with the project and read our latest developments... Read more